• Tambo Del Inka Peru
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    Tambo Del Inka

    Tambo Del Inka was in short, the best, nicest, and most amazing hotel we have ever stayed at. Let us show you around and tell you why you should use your SPG/Marriott points to stay here. Tambo Del Inka is in The Sacred Valley of Peru (Urubamba) which is about an hour car drive from Cusco. It is settled in between two mountains with a river running behind the hotel. You are welcomed in with a traditional Inkan drink of Cocoa Tea. It feels like a grand mountainous hotel with a huge lobby and beautiful views of the mountains and the river.   The rooms are large, open floor plans…

  • Machu Picchu
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    5 Steps to Booking Machu Picchu

    If you are looking to book a trip to Machu Picchu but do not know where to start, we have the exact steps you should take when trying to book a trip to this wonder of the world! 1. Getting there- Where are you coming from? Most people fly into Lima first before coming to Cusco. Cusco is called the gateway to Machu Picchu and is the closest airport to MP. You can find cheap flights from Lima, Puno or Arequipa to Cusco for about $50 USD round trip, which are about 1 hour long. You can also find a super cheap bus from Lima to Cusco, but it is…

  • Churros Manolos

    Food Tour of Lima Peru

    If you don’t know much about Peru, the first thing you should know is that it is known as “The Food Capital of South America”. Once we found that out, we knew we had to book a food tour because we did not want to miss out on any amazing food! Since we only had one day in Lima, we knew we had to make it count. We found an amazing company called Lima Tasty Tours and the benefit of this company is they take you on a tour of Lima AND a food tour. Here are some amazing things we tried! We started off the morning at the Barranco Market. This was…

  • Tambo Del Inka
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    How We Travel Hacked Peru

    What is Travel Hacking? Simply, Travel Hacking is using credit card points to travel for free. We sign up for credit cards such as Amex Platinum Card, Hilton Aspire Card, SPG Card, Citi Bank Prestige, Marriott Rewards Card, Hyatt Rewards Card and IHG Rewards Card. These credit cards come with a sign on bonus of around 60,000 to 100,000 points. You then can redeem these points for hotel stays and airline tickets. So how did we afford to go to Peru? Flights: Flying to Peru is actually a really nice route and didn’t take us too long. From DFW to Peru it is around an 8-hour flight, which feels incredibly…